For chapter 6 in The Giver what values does the book's society embrace and encourage?i think one may be simplicity

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kimfuji eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In addition to simplicity there is a value for getting along and compatibility. For example, before two people are matched in the community they consider personality factors such as "disposition, energy level, intelligence, and interests" that is to make sure that the husband and wife get along.

In addition, they also embrace stability. When they place children, the committee elders keep an eye on the matched spouses for a period of three years before children are placed.

There is a respect for the natural development of children. The jackets worn with buttons toward the front or back shows that they realize what children need to learn at different developmental stages. I think they encourage working together, which is what is expected when the children wear their jackets with buttons on the back. They must work together, depend upon each other for the simple task of getting dressed.

In chapter 6 Lily is excited because she will get her front buttoned jacket and begin volunteering. These symbolize responsibility. The group encourages children to grow up.