In Chapter 54 of "Great Expectations", what plans does Pip have for Magwitch and himself?

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pmiranda2857 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

He plans to help Magwitch escape. 

"Pip will try to get Provis (Magwitch) out of London to safety. Pip packs only what is necessary because his thoughts are not upon himself but on the welfare of Provis. There are two steamers leaving London on Thursday morning. It is decided that if they miss the first one, they will catch the second."

 "The escape is foiled by Compeyson whose grudge against Magwitch costs him his life. He informed the authorities of the whereabouts of Magwitch and helped identify and apprehend him." 

The plan fails and Magwitch is captured and accused of killing  Compeyson. 

Pip plans on staying with the badly injured Magwitch who has a severe chest injury and a deep cut on his head.

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