In chapter 52 of Great Expectations, what good thing does Pip complete?Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

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After having procured 900 pounds from Miss Havisham to enable Herbert to work at Clariker's bank, she begs forgiveness of him for the cruelty dealt him by her protege, Estella.  Unfortunately, after Pip leaves, Miss Havisham moves to the fire and catches her old wedding dress on fire, but Pip rescues her, becoming burned on his arms and hands.  Therefore, he can must keep his hand and arm in a sling and his and Herbert's plans to get Magwitch onto a German steamer by rowing him down the Thames river are somewhat delayed.

Pip is excited to see Herbert's face when he returns to their lodging at Barnard's Inn.  For, Herbert will believe that he is carrying news, never suspecting that Pip is the very cause of all this good news.

Without being sanguine as to my own part in those bright plans, I felt that Herbert's way was clearing fast, and that old Bill Barley had but to stick to his pepper and rum, and his daughter would soon be happily provided for.

After his acts of selfish pride in which he has forgotten his dear Joe and Biddy, Pip congratulates himself on doing something worthwhile in helping his friend Herbert gain financial security.


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