In Charles Dickens' Great Expectations, what, in his ignorance, did Magwitch not comprehend in chapters 50-59?

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Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations tells the story of Pip, who, as a boy, is terrified of an escaped convict named Magwitch who later becomes his friend. In chapters 50-59, there are several things that Magwitch does not understand.

It is a long novel with quite a few plot twists and turns. Early in the story Pip falls in love with a girl named Estella. Then, later, when Magwitch reappears, Pip learns that Estella is actually Magwitch’s daughter. Magwitch, however, was separated from her years ago, and does not even know that she is alive. He does not know that she has grown into a beautiful woman and is loved by Pip.

Magwitch, at this point, is dying. Over the course of his life he has amassed a fortune that he wants to give to Pip. He does not know, however, that since he has no will and no official relatives (Estella was long ago adopted), his money will go to the Crown rather than to Pip.


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