In Chapter 5 of "Lord of the Flies," why shouldn't the littluns go near the fruit?

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Every good campsite needs a kitchen and a designated bathroom, and anyone will tell you it’s a terrible idea to make those the same place. The proximity of the bathroom to the fruit is just one item of a long list of grievances Ralph brings before the group, seeing his responsibility as chief to try to muster them to some form of organization. He calls this particular assembly because he can see the deterioration of camp life. He notes that only a couple people are bringing fresh water from the lagoon, no one but Simon helped him finish the last shelter, and the maintenance of the fire needs to be a more serious priority. Ralph tells the boys that when they’re “taken short”—meaning when they need to defecate—they need to go to the rocks by the ocean, which would wash away their waste, but his reprimand is met with laughter from the audience. Ralph is essentially telling them not to poop in the kitchen, and they think it’s hilarious. This is not just an issue of organization leaving their group, but civilization itself, as defecating wherever it suits you is something beasts do.

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It's not that the littluns shouldn't go near the fruit at all, but that they need to stay away from it when they go to the bathroom. Ralph reminds them that they need to use the rocks that get washed by the tide when they are "taken short." The littuns are being lazy and going wherever they want, another sign that the boys' civilization is deteriorating.

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