In Chapter 5 of The Outsiders, why does Johnny think Dally is a hero?

Expert Answers
gmuss25 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In chapter 5, Ponyboy reads Gone with the Wind to Johnny, who enjoys hearing about the brave Southern gentlemen in the story. Johnny is impressed by the charm and manners of the Southern gentlemen and mentions to Pony that they remind him of Dally. Pony is initially confused by Johnny's comparison because Dally is an extremely rude individual. However, Johnny responds by telling Ponyboy about the time he saw Dally get arrested for a crime Two-Bit committed. Despite the fact that Two-Bit was responsible for breaking the school windows, Dally took the blame without "battin' an eye or even denyin' it." Johnny proceeds to tell Ponyboy that he thinks Dally is a gallant person, much like the Southern gentlemen who ride into certain death throughout Gone with the Wind. After hearing Johnny's story about Dally, Pony finally realizes Johnny's "hero-worship" for him. Johnny views Dally as a hero because he is willing to accept punishment and take the blame for his friends. The well-being of Dally's friends is his top priority, and Johnny admires Dally's gallant personality.

hilahmarca eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In chapter 5, while Ponyboy and Johnny are in the church hiding from the police, they read Gone with the Wind to pass the time.  They are both impressed by the gallantry of the Southern Gentlemen in the book.  Johnny compares them to Dally.  Ponyboy disagrees.  He feels Soda is more like them since he's the charming one and feels Dally is nothing like them because he is rude and ill mannered.  Johnny insists Dally is heroic like the Southern Gentlemen because he's always able to stay cool and keep calm.  One time Johnny witnessed Dally getting arrested for breaking the windows at school.  It was actually Two-Bit who did it, but instead of telling the police it was Two-Bit, he calmly took the punishment for his friend.

yeowmatthew | Student

Dally gave them a gun, a jacket for Ponyboy and told them a place for them to hide. Thus Johnny think Dally is a hero.