In chapter 5 why does Gatsby deliver so many goods and services to Nicks house?

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Gatsby is just very nervous about reuniting with Daisy. His whole scheme to win her back is five years in the making. So, he's making extra preparations for when he meets Daisy at Nick's house. It does seem that Nick and Gatsby do have some kind of friendship, something that might have developed more strongly if it was in different circumstances. But it's pretty clear that a large portion of Gatsby's affinity and attention towards Nick is because he knows Nick is how he can get to Daisy.

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Gatsby asks Nick to help him set up an event so that Daisy would come to it.  It is supposed to be a tea. Nick tells him that he can't because he has no time.  Gatsby assures him that it will be worth his while for he will ensure that he makes some money and everything will be taken care of by Gatsby.

Gatsby has so many flowers sent that it looks like a greenhouse at Nicks.  There are cakes and food.  Twelve lemon cakes arrive from the delicatessen.  Gatsby is concerned that there will not be enough food for the tea.  Gatsby has overdone everything in order to impress Daisy.


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