In Chapter 5 of the Chrysalids, David's character is described more completely. He is now at the crucial stage of boy-man, having characteristics of both stages. Give some examples of David's behaviour that show each stage.  

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The chapter begins by showcasing David in a childlike manner. Readers are shown David and Sophie getting out of work in order to play together. They spend time together fishing and hunting for tadpoles.

I liked to take off my shoes, roll up my trousers, and paddle there, examining the pools and crannies. Sophie used to sit on one of the large, flat stones that shelved into the water, and watch me wistfully.

On one of these days, Alan discovers them, and he also discovers Sophie's genetic mutation. David attempts to fight Alan, which is both childish and adult. A "playground" fight is rather childish, but David knows that he has to stand up for Sophie and protect her. This is a rather adult trait of his.

Sophie and David return to Sophie's house, and the Wender family immediately sets their escape plan in action. David, in a rather impetuous and childlike way, wants to go with them. He simply does not understand the danger that the family is currently in and will be in even after they...

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