In chapter 4 of Great Expectations, why does Pip feel apprehensive and miserable?

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Chapter 4, describes the Christmas lunch to which Mrs. Joe has invited all her friends.  Obviously, Mrs. Joe had been making elaborate preparations for this grand occasion for a very long time. At the end of Ch. 2 when Pip raids the pantry we read of that the pantry was "far more abundantly supplied than usual" because it was Christmas season. One choice item which Pip stole and gave to Magwitch was the pork pie. So throughout the Christmas lunch in Ch.4 Pip feels guilty that he has stolen from his own sister's house and given the food to a convict and worse he his scared of the terrible consequence once he is exposed.  To make matters worse throughout the lunch Mrs.Joe and her friends constantly harass and bully poor Pip and give him only scanty bits to eat, and hence he feels guilty, frightened and miserable throughout the Christmas lunch and he compares himself aptly to "an unfortunate little bull in a Spanish arena."