In chapter 4, where do Moose and his family take Natalie? How does Moose feel about this?

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Chapter 4 is entitled "American Laugh Nosed Beet." Natalie scrambles the name of an American leaf-nosed bat to create the title of this chapter. Natalie is Moose Flanagan's younger sister, and she has autism. The answer to the question of where the family takes Natalie in this chapter is the Esther P. Marinoff school. The family has moved to Alcatraz Island specifically so that Natalie can attend this school. Moose's father is a guard at the prison on Alcatraz, and Natalie's school is located just a twelve-minute ferry ride away on the shore of San Francisco. The Marinoff school is a boarding school, so Natalie will live there. It is designed for students who have similar disabilities to Natalie. Moose is unhappy about the move and indicates that his sister has attended multiple schools. Readers can infer that the family has moved a lot as a result of this.

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