What is the differences between how the littluns and the biguns act when they're on the island?I KNOW WHAT I WANT TO SAY BUT IDK HOW 2 WORD IT SO THANKS SOOO MUCH 4 ALL THE HELP!

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The littluns function almost as one character, with very few individuals identified by their own names. One exception is Percival Wemys Madison, of the Vicarage, Harcourt St. Anthony, Hants, as he has been taught to introduce himself. Percival is the smallest littlun. He serves a gauge by which the savagery of the boys is measured. The less he remembers of his name and address, the further they have drifted from civilization. Another littlun that is identified is the boy with the mulberry birthmark. However, he exists only to remind the boys of the dangers they face, disappearing one night soon after they arrive on the island.

In general, the littluns behave as one might expect young kids to behave. they play in the sand, eat until they're sick, and follow the older boys around without ever really helping. Some of the bigguns even consider them a burden, because they fear "the beasty", but cannot do anything to protect themselves.

The bigguns attempt to behave like rational adults at first. They prioritize needs, looking for food, lighting a fire for a rescue signal, and attempting to build shelter. However, their fragile social system quickly breaks down, and each by turns to his own pursuits. Jack and Roger lead the hunters, imposing a violent structure of punishment on those who do not obey. Ralph and Piggy attempt to keep order, trying to sustain the signal fire & build shelters. And Simon tries to warn the others of the consequences they face through their actions.

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