After Curley's wife leaves Crooks' bunk in "Of Mice and Men", where does she go and what does she do?

Expert Answers
asorrell eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The important part of this chapter is not about where she went afterwards, but what happens while she's there.   The chapter actually isn't very specific on where she went.  It just says that she "slipped out the door and disappeared into the dark barn."  We assume she goes back up to the house. 

However, it is important to note what happened in the bunkhouse in chapter 4.  She comes into the bunkhouse when Candy, Lennie, and Crooks were discussing the dream farm.  There is some argument between Candy and Curley's wife because he tries to get her to leave.  She mentions that she's lonely and just needs someone to talk to.  The conversation ends with her threatening Candy and Crooks and threatening to have Crooks hanged.  It's important to note how Crooks attitude/mood changes during this scene.  Before she threatened him, he was actually opening up to Candy and Lennie, but with that one remark from Curley's wife he immediately withdrew again. 

Candy finally gets her to leave by saying that he hears the men coming back from town.  We know from previous chapters that Curley was was very jealous and did not want her hanging around the barn and particularly the men in the barn.  This is effective in getting her to leave because she doesn't want to get in trouble with Curley.  She goes back through the barn and we assume she goes back up to the house.