If you were Johnny's and Pony's lawyer, how would you defend them in a court of law? Give THREE reasons for your defense.

Expert Answers
bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

LAWYER'S DEFENSE.  (1)  I would absolutely plead self-defense, since Pony and Johnny were attacked and had to defend themselves. Johnny thought Pony was going to be drowned and feared that he would be next, so he took appropriate action.  (2)  I would provide evidence that Johnny had been attacked by Bob previously.  (3)  I would provide evidence (including Cherry's testimony) that the boys had been threatened earlier that evening by Bob and the other Socs.

THE MUSTANG.  You may have had to have been alive during this time period (the mid-1960s) to know what an impact the Ford Mustang had on teenagers. It was the hippest, hottest sports car going at a time when there were very few sports cars being made. (The much more expensive Corvette was one of the others. The advent and success of the Mustang prompted other car makers to follow the trend with such cars as the Dodge Charger, Plymouth Barracuda, AMC Javelin, Pontiac Firebird and Chevy Camaro.)  It was a car that many teens (and adults) dreamed of owning, and for the greasers, most of whom could afford no car at all, it was no doubt a sore point to see Bob driving his blue Mustang while threatening greasers. It made the greasers even more jealous of the Socs.