In chapter 36 of The Chocolate War what are the raffle tickets used for?

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The climax of The Chocolate Waris a fight between Jerry and Emile Janza, staged at the school football field. Archie comes up with a plan to sell raffle tickets for this event which will be used to do two things. 

First, the raffle ticket sales cover the cost of fifty boxes of chocolates. These are the boxes that Jerry refused to sell during the chocolate sale (and here become symbolic of Jerry's defeat. Even if Jerry were to win the fight with Janza, the chocolates have been sold before the fight begins.) 

The second purpose of the raffle tickets is to determine the punches that the fighters will throw in the fight. The boys who buy raffle tickets write a type of punch on the ticket. This non-traditional fight has one major rule:

The recipient of the punch is not allowed to avoid being hit.

The ticket that names the punch that wins the fight will win the raffle. Archie is the person behind the raffle scheme, which has never been done before and which combines many of Archie's talents - subtlety, vindictiveness and intelligence.

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