In Chapter 3 of Brave New World, why is the Controller’s lecture placed close to the conversation between Fanny and Lenina?

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Placing the Controller's lecture side by side with Lenina and Fanny's conversation helps highlight the differences between the old society and the society of the World State. Mond describes a grim, claustrophobic, neurotic world of families and domestic spaces that he says were suffocating, disease ridden, dark, and smelly.

In contrast, Lenina and Fanny talk in a communal shower and bathing area for women full of hot jets of clean water, scents dispensed from faucets, and talcum powder spraying in mists from nozzles. Their environment is nothing like the single family home as Mond describes it.

Furthermore, unlike the overly close, jealous, monogamous families of the old social order, Fanny and Lenina discuss sexual relationships that remain open and superficial. Fanny even chides Lenina for seeing nobody but Henry Foster the last four months, telling her it unhealthy:

"And after all," Fanny's tone was coaxing, "it's not as though there were anything painful or disagreeable about having...

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