Chapter 3: What state are the shelters in?Lord of the Flies by William Golding

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At the beginning of Chapter Three of Lord of the Flies, Jack busies himself with trying to locate a pig; when he finally does, he throws his spear at it, but misses.  Disgruntled, he returns to the beach where Ralph stands by one of the rickety shelters that he and Simon have constructed.  Ralph asks him rather wrily, "You wouldn't care to help with the shelters, I suppose?"  Enraged, Jack argues that he has been trying to find meat for them to eat.

Ralph and Jack argue; Ralph tries to explain why the boys need shelter from the rain, but Jack cuts him off.  Dropping his anger, Ralph broaches another subject with Jack:  the littl'uns are afraid and have nightmares at night, awakening and screaming.  Logically, Ralph suggests that shelters would provide the boys some sense of senurity as they sleep,  Jack ponders this as he draws up his knees; he even offers to help for a while before he bathes.

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