In chapter 3, what is the reason for Nick's breaking the story at this point?

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There are a couple of things that could be pointed out as the cause, but it is difficult to know exactly why without perhaps being able to consult with Fitzgerald himself, who apparently made all the decisions about the narrative!  In some ways you might also argue that Nick hasn't entirely broken the story at this point.

But he does begin to realize that Gatsby isn't everything he is cracked up to be, given that he remembers him from the war and previously and knows that his background could be fleshed out but isn't.  Gatsby allows the rumors to fly.

Perhaps the reason why Nick begins to flesh things out is that he cannot wait much longer if there is to be a dramatic build up until everyone else finds out the whole story.  It also helps to set up the reasoning for why Daisy won't actually totally fall for Gatsby as there has to be a connection to his less than high-class past for that to become the strong theme that it does.


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