Chapter 3: How does Ralph describe Simon to Jack?William Golding's Lord of the Flies

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Chapter Three of Lord of the Flies finds the organization of the society of boys on the island falling apart.  While Jack feels the compulsion to hunt and do little else, Ralph desperately tries to get the boys to build shelters so that they will have protection if rain comes. When Jack finally returns, Ralph reminds him that everyone did agree that they were going to work until the shelters were finished.  But, only two shelters have been built, and one has collapsed.

Ralph remarks that while the hunters have been gone, the littluns have been "hopeless" and the older ones not much better.  Only Simon has remained to help him, Ralph tells Jack to shame him.  At this remark, Simon pokes out his head and tells Ralph, "You're chief.  You tell 'em off."  Later, as Ralph talks with Jack, he compliments Simon, saying that he helps and he is "always about," meaning that Simon is always reliable.  It is only when the boys go to the bathing pool that Simon is missing.  For, he has found a small clearing in the jungle where he can be secretly closed in and there revel in the beauty of nature.

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