Chapter 2's question: What is the first rule that Ralph makes? Why is this rule important in Lord of the Flies?

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hilahmarca eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Ralph, a natural leader, calls a meeting after exploring the island. He first gives the boys some information concerning the island. He tells them that the island is indeed deserted, but contains on it all they need to survive. Therefore, they should remain calm and eventually they will be rescued.

Ralph also explains to the boys that some basic rules must be set in order to maintain order and peace among themselves. The first rule he makes is that only the boy holding the conch will be allowed to speak at meetings. This rule is important because it will ensure that meetings stay orderly and everyone gets to be heard. It prevents the meetings from becoming chaotic and prevents the boys from talking out of turn. It is a civilized approach to communicating with each other and Ralph is a strong believer is staying civilized while on the island.

silsilgargar | Student

what does ralph say is the most important thing to do? 

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