In Chapter 28 of "Great Expectations", what ironic “reunion” occurs on the stagecoach?

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Pip's fellow passengers on the stagecoach are two convicts accompanied by their jailer.  Although this is not unusual because convicts are routinely transported to the dockyards by stagecoach, Pip is shocked to recognize one of the convicts as the same man whom he had encountered at the Three Jolly Bargemen so long ago.  Fortunately, Pip has changed enough in the intervening time so that the convict does not recognize him, but, to make the coincidence even more unnerving, Pip overhears a conversation between the two criminals about an incident that directly concerns him.  The familiar convict reveals that he has previously been in the village from which they have just departed because a third unnamed convict had asked him to deliver two one-pound notes to a boy named Pip as payment for a service rendered.  Pip now knows for sure that it was the first convict who had arranged for the notes to be left at the cemetery, and that sometime after he had done this, he was tried for prison breaking and sentenced to life (Chapter 28).

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