In Chapter 27, Scout mentions three events that indirectly concern the Finches. What are the events?

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BOB EWELL, THE UNEMPLOYED.  Scout relates that Bob became "the only man I ever heard of to be fired from the WPA for laziness." The Works Progress Administration was a program founded by President Franklin Roosevelt to establish jobs for local work projects. Apparently, just about anybody could be hired--but only Bob could be fired. He later blamed Atticus for "getting" his job.

BOB EWELL STALKS. Bob began stalking and harrassing Tom Robinson's wife, Helen, following her while quietly cursing her and making other crude remarks. Link Deas threatened to have him arrested, so Bob finally gave it up.

BOB EWELL PROWLS.  Bob apparently tried to break into Judge Taylor's house while the judge's wife was away. But when Taylor went onto his porch to investigate, he only saw an escaping shadow.

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