In chapter 27 & 28, What are the events that the author describes in these two chapters in order to create tension in the novel?  

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schulzie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Most of the events center around Bob Ewell.

1. Bob Ewell was hired and fired from a job in a "matter of days".  He went back on welfare, but he accused Atticus of getting him fired.  It upset the welfare lady so much that she reported it to Atticus. Atticus said that he could come to his office and discuss it if he wanted. (pg 248- chapter 27)

2. Judge Taylor was home on a Sunday night.  He heard scratching noises and went to investigate.  His screen door was cut and swinging open.  He saw a shadow on the corner of his house and spent the rest of the evening with a shotgun in his lap. (pg.248- chapter 27)

3. Mr. Link Deas, who had been the employer of Tom Robinson, hired Helen Robinson as his cook.  She would walk close to a mile out of her way to get to his house so that she wouldn't have to walk by the Ewell place.  The one time she had taken the public road by the Ewell place, the Ewells threw things at her.  Mr. Deas found out and told Bob Ewell to stay away from her.  The next day when Helen was walking on the public road, Bob Ewell followed her. He kept the same distance from her, but he murmured foul words to her as they walked. She called Mr. Deas as soon as she got to his house. Mr. Deas arrived and threatened Bob Ewell with arrest. (pg. 249- Chapter 27)

4. Halloween night is portrayed as a very dark night. There was no moon, and Scout and Jem could not see where they were going.  It was very eerie and scary. Suddenly someone leaped out at them.  It was their friend, Cecil Jacobs.  (pg 255- chapter 28)

5. When they leave the pageant, someone tells them to watch out for ghosts.  It is as dark as it was at the beginning. As they are walking home from the pageant, Jem hears footsteps. Scout thinks that he is just trying to scare her.  She can't see anything because she is still wearing her ham suit. Suddenly she hears the footsteps and they are not children's footsteps.  Jem yells "Run, Scout, Run!" (pg 261- chapter 28).  In the scuffle that follows, Scout hears a dull crunching sound and hears Jem scream. Scout goes running in the direction of Jem's scream, and she runs into a man, who pins her arms to her side and tries the squeeze the breath out of her. (pg 259-262 - chapter 28)

6. When the sheriff arrives, he announces that Bob Ewell is dead. (pg 266 - chapter 28)

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