In chapter 24 of Wuthering Heights, what violence does Catherine witness at Wuthering Heights and who does Linton blame?

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Edgar Linton blames Catherine for Hareton’s outburst, because she did not pay attention to him.

When Catherine arrives, Hareton wants her to see that he has learned to read.  Catherine calls him a “dunce” and laughs at him, leaving him there to go see Linton.  He gets angry and rushes in, attacking both Linton and Catherine.

“He swore at us, and left Linton no time to answer, nearly throwing him into the kitchen; and he clenched his fist as I followed, seemingly longing to knock me down….” (ch 24)

Hareton gets angry at being ignored and rebuffed by Catherine, because she prefers Linton’s company.  He gets so frustrated that he responds in the family tradition, with violence and anger. Linton coughs up blood and has to be taken to bed.

When Catherine tries to talk to Linton, he blames her for the whole incident.

But he would neither speak to me nor look at me, through a whole hour, Ellen: he has such an unhappy temper. And what quite confounded me, when he did open his mouth, it was to utter the falsehood that I had occasioned the uproar, and Hareton was not to blame! (ch 24)

Linton refuses to talk to her, and she leaves.  Later she returns and he forgives her, but the entire incident weakens Linton and frustrates Catherine.

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