In Chapter 26 of To Kill a Mockingbird, what is Scout's fantasy about Boo?

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In just a little more than two years, Scout has gone from fearing Boo as some kind of monster to fantasizing about meeting him one day. Through the presents she and Jem have received from Boo, and the kindness he displayed by mending Jem's pants and warming her with a blanket, Scout is no longer "terrified" of passing by the Radley Place. Instead she dreams of not only seeing Boo, but having a neighborly conversation with him.

I imagined how it would be when it happened, he'd just be sitting in the swing when I came along. "Hidy do, Mr. Arthur," I would say, as if I had said it every afternoon of my life. "Evening, Jean Louise," he would say... "right pretty spell we're having, isn't it?"

But, Scout considered it only a fantasy, and that she would never lay her eyes on Boo. He might sneak out some night and gaze upon Miss Stephanie, Scout thought, but "He would never gaze at us."


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