In Chapter 25 of To Kill a Mockingbird, what did Mr. Ewell mean when to Stephanie Crawford he said, "It made one down and two more to go?"

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anthonda49 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The one down was Tom Robinson as he was killed trying to escape from prison. The two to go probably referred to Atticus Finch and possibly Heck Tate, the sheriff or Linc Deas. Atticus showed the community during the trial what kind of man Bob Ewell was. His evidence that Tom Robinson could not possibly have beaten Mayella on the left side of her face because of his crippled arm should have acquitted Tom. But, times as they were, a black man was tried and judged in the minds of people long before the court trial. The evidence most likely showed that Bob Ewell did the beating himself. As Atticus had shamed him publicly and defended a black man, Bob was out for revenge. Sheriff Heck Tate showed no respect for Bob and the Ewell family. Linc Deas testified in behalf of Tom as his former employer. Both of these white men stood up for a black man instead of protecting their own in Bob Ewell's mind.

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