In chapter 24, During the Missionary Society Tea, Scout appreciates what qualities in Miss Maudie and Aunt Alexandra?

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Scout, who usually scowls at her Aunt Alexandra, sees important qualities in both Miss Maudie as well as in her aunt.  These traits are important as she grows and become more mature.

As the ladies at tea discuss Tom Robinson and his case, she admires both women's strength exhibited during the tea.  As the women spill their hypocritical beliefs about African-Americans and Tom Robinson, Miss Maudie steps up and calls Mrs. Merriweather on her hypocrisy. Aunt Alexandra, always the graceful host, works to keep the tea moving and the conversation steered away from such controversial topics. In both of these women, the often hot tempered Scout learns the importance of keeping a cool, calm head in certain situations.  The Scout from the beginning of the book would of yelled, screamed, and pitched a fit, but Scout's learning and growing and recognizing the important traits in these two women.