What surprising thing does Tony D. do in chapter 25?

Expert Answers
bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Tony D., alias The Blade, is the knife-carrying punk who constantly poses a threat to Kevin and Max in Rodman Philbrick's teen novel, Freak the Mighty. In one memorable scene, Kevin and Max escape from Tony by running headlong into the murky pond on the Fourth of July. When Kevin and Max turn around, they find Tony's head barely above water, stuck in the mud beneath.

But in the final chapter, Tony D. shows a bit of humanity when he tells Max

... that it was a shame what happened, and I could see he really meant it, and I just blew up and told him if he ever felt sorry for me again, I'd put him headfirst in the millpond and pound him down into the mud like a fence post.

This did nothing to improve their relationship, and Max seemed perfectly content that the two "are enemies again."