In Chapter 21, Amir finally sees Sohrab and realizes something about the Taliban official. What is it?

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When Amir goes to meet the Talib official and attempt to get Sohrab, he discovers that the official is Assef. Amir and Farid see this figure at the stadium (where Zaman, the orphanage director, sends them because the Taliban has taken Sohrab), and Amir calls him "John Lennon" because of the sunglasses he wears. Obviously, from a distance, and with Assef's appearance hidden under the disguise, Amir has no idea this is Assef. He does know, however, that this man is intimidating and violent, as he has seen the man stone an adulterous couple to death at halftime in the soccer stadium. Going into the meeting with the official, Amir believes he may not come out alive.

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