In chapter 2, what does Lucy experience during her trip to see the animals? In other words, what unspoken realization does she come to when seeing the animals?

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In life, as in literature, losses can take many forms, and not all of them are physical losses. In the memoir Autobiography of a Face, Lucy experiences many losses in her life, including the loss of part of her jawbone, which was taken to save her life when she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. Because she is taunted and ostracized by the people around due to her disfigurement, Lucy turns to animals to find comfort, as she knows there will be no judgment in their eyes and no painful taunts or jeers from their mouths. Lucy loses much of her apprehension and self-consciousness when she is around the animals and acquires a quiet bravery in their place. She realizes that she can cast aside her pretense and be her true self with the animals. She also comes to realize that companionship can come in many forms, and while she may never be accepted by her peers, she will always be taken for just who she is by animals.

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