Lyddie Questions and Answers
by Katherine Paterson

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Chapter 2 of Lyddie is titled “Kindly Neighbors.” Who are the neighbors? Are they kind to Charlie and Lyddie?

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The kindly neighbors in question are the Stevenses. They're a Quaker family who own the neighboring farm. They meet Lyddie and Charlie just before they're about to leave the family farm and head out into the world of work. To help put their family, Lyddie will work at Cutler's Tavern while her brother Charlie will work at Bakers Mill.

The Stevenses are very sad to hear about Lyddie and Charlie's plight and help them out by purchasing a calf from them at a very generous price. For good measure, they also invite Lyddie and Charlie to dinner, which is indeed right neighborly of them.

When the time comes for Lyddie and Charlie to go to their respective workplaces, Luke Stevens kindly offers to drop them off. Lyddie is rather embarrassed at such a display of kindness, especially from someone she doesn't really know all that well. In fact, she's actually quite rude towards Luke. But Luke, being one of life's good guys, brushes it off and insists on giving Lyddie and Charlie a ride to their places of work. Not only that, but he makes a promise to Lyddie that he'll keep an eye on their house while they're gone and look in on Charles from time to time.

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