In chapter 2, explain the statement, "Our eyes were opened, but too late". Where was the train at this point?

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Even after all that had happened to the people of the village there were some who still believed that they might be on their way to a better place.  One Jew stated, "who knows they might be moving us to a safer place."  A friend of Elie's family begged them to come away with her and hide elsewhere but Elie's father refused to leave.

When the train stops the first time they have arrived in Kaschau, which is a town on the border of Czecholslovakia.  It is at this point that the Jewish people realize they are being taken out of Hungary.  It is at this point that the door is opened and a German officer tells the group that they are "under the authority of he German Army."

No more excuses can be made. They can no longer ignore what is going on around them.  Their "eyes are open, but it is too late."

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