The Chocolate War Questions and Answers
by Robert Cormier

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In chapter 19 of The Chocolate War what new information does Brother Leon's roll call for the chocolate sales reveal this day?

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In chapter 19 of The Chocolate War Jerry is no longer beholden to the assignment from the Vigils. The secret group had ordered Jerry to refuse to sell the chocolates for a set period of time. When that time is up, Jerry continues to refuse to sell the chocolates. 

This chapter explores Jerry's reasons for refusing now that he no longer is compelled to do so. For the first time, Jerrry speaks about his decision with Goober but cannot say exactly why he feels he should continue to refuse to sell the chocolates. 

At the end of the chapter, Brother Leon's roll call is particularly fluid as the boys in class quickly call out sales numbers. These numbers are all fairly low - between one and three - and signify a growing acceptance and respect for Jerry's decision not to sell chocolates.

This acceptance is discussed early in the chapter and can be seen in the roll call as Brother Leon offers no response to Jerry's answer of "no" during the roll call. Leon has learned that Jerry's refusal was part of a Vigils assignment and expects that soon Jerry will begin to sell the chocolates when his assignment is over. 


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