The Sign of the Beaver Questions and Answers
by Elizabeth George Speare

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In Chapter 19 of The Sign of the Beaver, why does Attean's grandmother change her mind about Matt?

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Prior to Chapter 19, when Matt attended a feast at the Indian village after helping Attean kill a bear, Attean's grandmother was not happy with his presence. Attean's grandmother hated the white man because her daughter was killed by them when Attean was young.

When Matt found Attean's dog wounded and caught in a trap, he attempted to save the dog and injured his hand. He turned to the Indian village for help, but Attean and the men were gone hunting. Attean's grandmother was told the story of how Matt helped save Attean's dog. She was impressed that a young white boy would risk harm to save an Indian's dog. This caused Attean's grandmother to change her mind about having him at the village. She sent Attean to the cabin to invite Matt back to the village.

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