In chapter 18 of Huxley's novel Brave New World, how does John feel about his new home?

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John feels that his home suits him because it symbolizes how he sees himself and what he deserves in life. In chapter 18, John has just been educated on the new world's philosophy of life and he realizes that not only does he disagree with it, but he doesn't fit into it either. At his home in a dilapidated lighthouse, he can live close to the earth and baseness of nature like he did on the reservation where he grew up. It is here where he feels most comfortable, but it isn't very private since many people own helicopters and can fly up any time to watch him live differently than they do. Even so, he takes pride in the fact that he can live in something different than those in the new world. He lives without technology, movies, or communication and that is how he likes it since he is so different and an outcast anyway.