In chapter 18 of Into the Wild, how does the Doctor Zhivago quote foreshadow Chris's writings and actions?

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The Doctor Zhivago quote is a definite standout when compared to most of the other quotes that Krakauer starts each chapter with. The previous quotes that begin the other chapters are very much focused on man being an individual and being alone. If the quote doesn't focus on the individual, then it focuses on being out in the wilderness. This is why Thoreau is used throughout the text. His writings embody the idea that spiritual wholeness is found through a solitary, spiritual connection with the wilderness.

The Doctor Zhivago quote is nearly the antithesis of this idea. The quote does talk about spirituality, but the spiritual core that it talks about is found through a person's connection with other people. If a reader is paying close attention to the text, then that emphasis on loving one's neighbor should alert readers to a coming shift, and that shift is in how McCandless views happiness. McCandless went out into the Alaskan bush in order to experience the solitary glory that he so rabidly...

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