In chapter 16 What did Daniel and Malthrace have to carry?

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teachsuccess eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Hello! In Chapter 16 of 'The Bronze Bow,' Daniel, Joel and Thacia meet in secret. Their leader, Rosh, wants to know all the names of the men who will be going to Mattathias' banquet; the banquet is for a special legation from Rome. Rosh also wants to know the time and day the banquet will take place. He intends to rob these wealthy men while they are out of their homes.

Joel has been given the task of finding out the information. He proposes to peddle fish to the servants/slaves of wealthy Romans, hoping that in their excitement regarding the impending party, the servants will mention the names of their masters who will be attending the banquet. There is only one problem: what will he do when his father finds out he has missed school? Joel thinks he could ask his father for a holiday and Thacia proposes that she masquerade as her brother, Joel, so that he will have an alibi. The plan is for Thacia (acting as Joel) and Daniel to be seen going out of the city together for the supposed holiday. That way, Joel will be free to gather his information without getting into trouble with his father.

The plan hits a snag when Thacia and Daniel walk past the sentries: ahead are two Roman soldiers resting beside the road, their heavy packs next to them. Both know that the Roman law allows Roman soldiers to command Jews to carry their burdens for one mile. Daniel is furious: he is not interested in shouldering a Roman pack, but Thacia quietly sets the example. Without a word, she positions a heavy Roman pack on her shoulders. Daniel is twice humiliated: he is defenseless against the Roman soldiers and he can do nothing while Thacia struggles under the Roman burdens. It is with utter relief when they finally reach the milestone and the Roman soldiers take their packs back.

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