In Chapter 16 of Their Eyes Were Watching God,  Mrs. Turner is very clearly prejudiced. How does Janie react to her? Why doesn't Mrs. Turner like Tea Cake? How is Turner characterized? Why does Hurston's dialogue change in the chapter?         Chapter 17: What kind of foreshadowing occurs at the beginning of the chapter? Chapter 18: "Six eyes were watching God." What is the significance of that line? Discuss the dog bite Tea cake receives. What is significant about it?

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Chapter 16:

1) Mrs. Turner is very clearly prejudiced. How does Janie react to her? Janie humors Mrs. Turner and indulges the older woman's behavior. Janie doesn't try to change Mrs. Turner's views about race as she doesn't believe that her efforts will prove effective. Clearly, Mrs. Turner's beliefs about race are too entrenched for Janie to change. Essentially, Janie tolerates Mrs. Turner despite her aversion to the older woman's convictions about race.

“Her husband can’t do nothin’ wid dat butt-headed woman. All you can do is treat her cold whenever she come round here.” Janie tried that, but short of telling Mrs. Turner bluntly, there was nothing she could do to discourage her completely.

2) Why doesn't Mrs. Turner like Tea Cake ? Mrs. Turner despises Tea Cake for superficial reasons. To Mrs. Turner, lighter skin and Caucasian facial features are deemed the most attractive and advantageous of physical characteristics. Since Tea Cake fails to live up to this narrow image of...

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