In Chapter 16 in The Giver, what were some of the good memories that were given to Jonas?

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The first memory Jonas receives is in Chapter 11, when he learns about the feeling of cold snow and sledding.  Perhaps cold in and of itself might not be a good memory, but the sledding certainly is.  He experiences "breathless glee" (82), which is certainly a pleasurable experience. 

Also in Chapter 11, the Giver shares sunshine with Jonas, something the Community does not get to feel or see.  We are told this was not as exciting as the sled ride.  But this feeling of warmth was "pleasurable and comforting"(85). 

In Chapter 12, Jonas begins to learn about color, beginning with the color red. And he clearly finds this to be wonderful.  He says, "The red was so beautiful!" (95).  The Giver then goes on to share with Jonas a rainbow.

In Chapter 16, we learn that Jonas has now been given memories of a birthday party, museums,a horse ride, walks through the woods, and a campfire, all good memories, and then the Giver gives Jonas the memory of Christmas, which is the Giver's favorite memory. He gives Jonas a family at Christmas, and Jonas can feel "the happiness that pervaded the memory" (122).  Jonas experiences warmth, family, and love, sadly, all new to him. 

Imagine living in a world without being able to experience all of these wonderful experiences and have no memories to sustain yourself.  It's a sad world that Jonas has been born into.

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