What is a summary of Chapter 15 in Nothing But the Truth?a correct detailed summary

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Did Miss Narwin cause Phillip's suspension? That is the main question of this chapter. It all starts with Jennifer Stewart's story about the incident. The associated Wire service read her story and wrote it up, insinuating that the teacher was unpatriotic. Jake Barlow, a radio host, takes callers to discuss the news story. Almost all callers agree with Phillip's position. One caller says that the whole story was not told. Dr. Harland the chair person of the school board contacts Dr. Seymore who says they will talk later. A reporter from the St. Louis Dispatch called Dr. Harland to enquire about a possible civil liberties issue because it appears as though Phillip was not allowed to sing the national anthem. Seymore talks to the principal. Several of the officials talk with Miss Narwin. She exaggerates Phillip's actions to avoid scrutiny and keep her job. She says Phillip was very loud and rude. Dr. Doane interviews several students to try and arrive at an objective answer.Ken tells Dr. Doane that he didn't even know Philip was singing until later. However he believes that Phillip was singing because it was written in the newspaper. Cynthia said she heard him only hum. She also said he was disrespectful to the teacher. Allison says that Phillip did it to try and make the teacher mad. Dr. Doane forces the students to support Miss Narwin's story.

All of the letters received support Phillip's right to sing the anthem. The sister of Miss Narwin sees the news in her paper in Florida and feels bad that the story was not told accurately. She calls.

Dr. Doane tries to comfort Miss Narwin telling her the media will forget about it, everyone will forget about it and the attention will die down. She suggests that Miss Narwin take a day off from teaching.

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