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Guns, Germs, and Steel

by Jared Diamond
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In Ch. 15, what are the deficiences of Australians or superiorities of the Europeans helping the Europeans to dominate them? I have to breifly summarize why it seems logical to say the reason European society dominated Australia lie in dificiencies of Australia or in the superiority of the Europeans.

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In this chapter, Diamond is arguing that the Europeans were able to dominate the Australians because Europe (and Eurasia in general) was able to create large societies based on food production.  Meanwhile, Australians were not able to produce food on any large scale.

Because the Australians were not able to produce food, they had to remain as hunter-gatherers.  This meant that they could not form large, sedentary populations that could eventually create technology.  Because they had no technology, they could easily be dominated by the Europeans and their technology.

This is consistent with the main thrust of Diamond's whole book.  He is arguing that places (like Australia) got dominated because of their lack of technology.  The lack of technology generally stemmed from geographic disadvantages that made food production difficult.

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