In chapter 14 what is the topic of the debate that Jane and Rochester are having and what is each character's point of view?

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Jane and Rochester argue about giving in to temptation in chapter 14.  That might sound boring, but Chapter 14 of Jane Eyre is a perfect example of 19th century flirting.  They are just getting to knoe each other.  They argue about whether one should live life with reckless abandon once something regretful has happened.  Rochester argues that since things have already gone wrong he should be able to do whatever he wants, and Jane argues that behaving that way will make a person regress further.

What makes the flirting even more exciting is that Jane and Rochester should not have any kind of romance, according to Victorian social rules” they are of two different classes.  They begin flirting almost from the beginning.  Jane comes in with Adele, and Rochester gives her a present and calls the...

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