In Chapter 14, what is the Sealand philosophy in The Chrysalids?

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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It is in Chapter 14 that Rosalind and David are close enough to the woman from Sealand to be able to communicate with her themselves, rather than relying on Petra to communicate for them. Chapter 14 thus contains a description of how the Sealanders view themselves and humans without their telepathic gift. In response to Rosalind's question about who they are, the woman responds:

"We are the New People - your kind of people. The people who can think-together. We're the people who are going to build a new kind of world - different from the Old People's world, and from the savages."

It is clear that the woman regards the survivors of the Tribulation as "savages" and considers her "kind" to be better than the Old People who existed before the Tribulation that ended civilisation as we know it. According to her, the Old People (us) were an "inadequate species" for many reasons, but primarily because of their inability to think together in the same way that the "New People" are able to now. Thus the philosophy of the Sealanders is that they are a superior, evolved form of human being, the butterfly that has emerged from the chrysalis that the rest of humanity is in at the moment, and thus they are destined to be the new rulers of the world who can make a better world than the Old People.