In chapter 14 of The Chocolate War what does Brian Cochran discover about Brother Leon and the chocolates?

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e-martin eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Chapter 14 of The Chocolate War is one of the longest chapters in the book, exploring the ways several students relate to the chocolate sale.

Brian Cochran is a the unique position as the sale treasurer, reporting directly to Brother Leon about the sales figures for the chocolates. In this chapter Brian Cochran discovers that Brother Leon has issued a false report to all the homerooms of the school. 

In the false report the sales numbers are exaggerated and higher than the actual sales numbers, which only Brian Cochran knows. Brian wonders if this is a motivational technique and if Brother Leon is attempting to boost sales by suggesting that things are going well with the chocolate sale so far (they are not). 

Later in the book, Cochran learns what is motivating Brother Leon to be so focused and intent on the sale this year and learns the nature of Leon's predicament.