In chapter 14 of The Chrysalids, why do Sealanders feel sorry for people without telepathy?

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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If you look carefully at Chapter 14 you will see how the lady from Sealand describes those without telepathy. Note how she paints them as "ingenious half-humans, little better than savages". She also says, "They could, at their best, be near-sublime animals, but not more." She clearly concludes that they (we) are an "inadequate species". Therefore it appears that the Sealanders seem to suffer from an amazing cultural arrogance - a feeling that is shared by David, for after this diatribe he thinks:

It occurred to me again that these Sealanders had no little opinion of themselves.

However, it is clear that the telepathy brings huge benefits to humans as a species, and we have only to look at the description of humans before to see how:

...all living shut off from one another, with only clumsy words to link them. Often they were shut off still more by different languages, and different beliefs. Some of them could think individually, but they had to remain individuals. Emotions they could sometimes share, but they could not think collectively.

The comparison with the new form of humanity does appear much better, with co-operative consensus easily achieved.

noobslayerz | Student

it's basically the same as the people of waknuk who have instilled a prejudicial view of superiority towards the ones who are deemed as "blasphemers" like wise the people of sealand/zealand hence they see it as people who are "underprivilaged"'s sort of similar to normal human beings who show sympathy onto someone who has a disability.^^ it's like the simplist i can explain it


swauna | Student

they feel sorry for people withoout telepathy because the sealand people are able to work better and more efficiently as group thus there society is more advanced than all of those mentioned in the novel

in waknuk we see that the people who live colse enough to each other not even know them or are not even aware they are they. the thought shapers many of them live close to each other yet it was later in the novel they came to realize how close to each other they lived they had not even known how each other looked

if the people in waknuk were more interactive more ideas and new technolgies would develop however as is human nature as the sealand woman said when people of large groups work together there are alot of squabbles how ever thought shapers are able to work beta together and create new ideas as they cannot lie throught there thoguhs and every one generally kno the other

thought shaperss are never lonely unlike normal people and they are superior to normal human being thus they feel sorrry for normal people