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How Does Aunt Alexandra Involve Herself In Maycomb

In Chapter 13 of To Kill a Mockingbird, how does Aunt Alexandra involve herself in Maycomb's social life?

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When Aunt Alexandra arrives in Maycomb, ostensibly to take care of Jem and Scout during Atticus ' involvement with the Tom Robinson case, she immediately settles in "as if she had always lived with us... Maycomb welcomed her." She left her husband, Jimmy, behind at Finch's Landing, allowing her plenty of time to socialize with neighbors. She had "long visits" with Miss Stephanie; she had coffee with Miss Rachel; and even the rarely seen Mr. Radley paid her a visit. In addition to her hosting the Missionary Circle of the Maycomb...

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naterogers | Student

In Maycomb county Aunt Alexandra is not known for in town, however she does play an important role as a proper lady. She grew up in the town and went to school there so she knows everybody. But she chose to live on Finches landing so she is not seen in Maycomb often. When Aunt Alexandra does come into town she stays with the Finch house hold and all the woman in the town come to visit her. Aunt Alexandra holds discusion groups where they gossip about Maycomb. For example Tom Robinson's conviction. Also Aunt Alexandra came back to stay at the finch's house to "straighten up" Scout. Aunt Alexandra filled in the mother job for Jem and Scout because their mother died. Aunt Alexandra did not approve of Scout's unlady like actions and dress.

zumba96 | Student

Aunt Alexandra is usually in the midst of everything and knowledgeable of what is happening in town. She becomes a part of the Missionary Society and she also does her best to make Scout into a lady. While Scout wants to wear overalls, she tries to present her as lady like. Alexandra is usually very active in the community and also does so in Maycomb. 

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amycrawford33 | Student

The fact that Aunt Alexandria has turned up to help Atticus, shows a sense of family this would have been a large part of life in Maycomb. The women within the social circle would have excepted her on this basis.

Along with her appreciation on how women should show appropriateness at all times, she also took to Maycomb county her understanding of hierarchical status within the town, this was another reason for her acceptance within the town.

At the beginning of the story Aunt Alexandria is very racist against African Americans. This opinion would have helped her to fit into Maycomb.

Aunt Alexandria also starts a missionary circle with the Maycomb ladies, this would have been a social gatheriong which would help her to fit in better. She does take Scout alon with her to one also to try and force to be more lady like.

She is also a sterotypical Southern women, who believes in finery but no excess, she can be ignorant sometimes, which helps her to fit into the women's social circle when she arrives.


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