In chapter 12, what is the significance of Sam's statement, "Roger sharpened a stick at both ends"?

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During Jack's hunting expedition in chapter eight, his savages brutally kill a sow, and Jack orders his hunters to sharpen a stick at both ends. He then instructs his hunters to decapitate the pig and impale its head onto the sharpened stake as a sacrifice to the beast. In chapter twelve, Jack declares that Ralph is their enemy and organizes a hunting party to track him down. When Ralph sneaks up to Castle Rock to speak with Samneric, they give him a piece of meat and inform him that Jack has ordered his savages to sharpen a stick at both ends, which implies that Jack plans on decapitating Ralph and impaling his head onto a stake like the severed pig's head in chapter eight. Unfortunately, Ralph cannot attach meaning to their comment because he cannot comprehend the savagery that Jack and his followers have embraced. Ralph still has faith in civilization and has not descended into savagery like the majority of boys on the island. Fortunately, Ralph avoids the hostile savages and is rescued by a British naval officer.

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In chapter 8, when Jack and his group savagely kill the sow, Jack decides to offer a sacrifice to appease the beast, even though he is reluctant to openly admit there is a beast.  He orders the boys to sharpen a stick at both ends.  On one end, he plunges the sow's head and then he sticks the other end of the stick into the ground.  When, in chapter 12, Sam tells Ralph that Roger sharpened a stick at both ends, he is inferring that Ralph's head, once Ralph is caught will be plunged onto a stick and that stick will be put in the ground to display Ralph's head in the same way that the sow's head was displayed.  Ralph can't quite grasp the meaning of this because he still believes in civility and he is having a difficult time believing that the other boys want to hunt and kill him as if he were an animal.  He hasn't truly learned yet what the Lord of the Flies told Simon - that the evil is within each one of the them.

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