Please give a short summary of Chapter 12.

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The main action in this chapter concerns Bernard and his relationships.

At the start of the chapter, Bernard is holding a reception to show John the Savage off to a group of important people. Unfortunately for him, John refuses to come out and be put on show.  This makes Bernard sad.  But his sadness makes John like him better -- it seems more real than how he had been before.

At the same time, Bernard is trying to patch up his friendship with Helmholtz Watson.  Watson forgives Bernard, which makes Bernard feel envious of what a good guy he is.

Finally, Helmholtz and John meet and get along well.  This makes Bernard jealous as well.

mkcapen1 | Student

In Chapter 12 of the book "Brave New World" the elite group has gathered to meet the savage, but the savage refuses to comply.  Bernard begs him to come out but he still won't.  This makes Bernard look like a fool and reminds the guests that he really is insignificant.  Bernard had hoped that this night would be the greatest moment for him.  Lenina leaves with the Arch Songster. 

The Savage talks with Bernard later and explains that he is more like he used to be and that he likes him better his way.  Bernard tells him that it is because he is once again unhappy.  The Savage tries to help Bernard to understand that what he identifies as happiness is really false.

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