In Chapter 12, discuss the justifications behind Changez’s final choice.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The "final choice" that Changez embraces is to actively and zealously support the cause for Pakistani International Independence.  This is a position that repudiates American interests in Pakistan.  Changez's embrace of what he considers to be a more indigenous embrace of Pakistani identity on a personal and political level manifests itself as a university lecturer.  He speaks of the need for Pakistan to embrace its own identity, away from the reach of America.  His political ideology is reflective of his own personal ideology.  It is this element that compels Changez to embrace this "final choice" of standing as someone who will speak out against what he considers to be America's wrong path.  The characterization of "terrorism" is something that Changez feels America misuses in order to assert its own political philosophy wherever and however it wishes.  In Changez's mind, this is confirmed when he is branded as "Anti- American" by the American media.  Changez's final choice is to stand as this force, something that he seems clearly able to do.  It is here where he is willing to accept and justify his "final choice" as something that provides meaning to him.