How Does Jem change?? And What does Scout learn about Calpurnia?

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Throughout these chapters, Calpurnia begins to call Jem "Mister Jem." This marks a great change for Jem, but almost more so for Scout as our narrator.  Jem has begun going through puberty, and Calpurnia respects it. Scout is just jealous.

This puberty time period makes Jem a little bit more emotional and moody.

Scout learns that Calpurnia leads a double life. One aspect of that is the language Calpurnia uses. It is appropriate for each society she works with. She speaks correct grammar with white people, and a sort of ebonics with the black community. Scout is intrigued by this, but also respects it.

blacktoast94 | Student

i think what jem went through is more than just physical growth.

1) he was able to see the bigger picture to situations when he told atticus that dill had runaway from hom- "broke the remaining code of our childhood." because he understood

that his parents would be very worried.


2) jem learns that it is pride, not pain (a kind of "manly thought")and begins to treasure relationships.

he goes back to retrieve his pants even though he could have lost his life - nathan radley said he would shoot if he saw anyone in his collard patch. even scout discourages him- "a lickin' hurts but it doesn't last." yet, he knows that atticus would be dissapointed in him and he didn't want this to happen. "atticus ain't ever whipped me as along as i can remember and i want to keep it that way." this shows that to gain apprival from atticus, he is even willing to lose his life.appreactiation of relationships can also be seen when he cries when nathan radley sealed up the knothole. "i saw that he had been crying."

3) jem learns that things are not in black and white but in shades of grey and that people are not as pleasant as they seem.

he saw people as segreggated as he grew older- "four kinds of folks in the world", "Why do they go out of their way an' despise each other?" he felt like he was a "caterpillar in a cocoon"- he had never knew these harsh facts of life.

4) jem learns to sympathise and empathise

roly poly bug- he told scout "don't do that" when she tried to squish it.

boo radley- "maybe he doesn't want to come out......"

he is more sensitive to the defenceless.


as for scout and calpurnia,

1) scout learns that cal can bring herself down to the level of others when required because "folks don't like it" when you try to "put on airs to beat moses." she is a sensitive character and a respectable one as well.


hope it helped! i was trying to do my own revision too.  (:


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