The Giver Questions and Answers
by Lois Lowry

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In Chapter 11 of "The Giver", what words or concepts did Jonas experience? On chapter 11 what words or concepts did Jonas experience?

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Chapter 11 is the beginning of Jonas' experiences as The Receiver.  The Giver transmits three memories to Jonas--the first begins with Jonas being outside and experiencing what it is like to be outside when it is snowing.  It then continues with him being on the riding a sled in the snow down a hill.  The second memory is being in the warmth of the sunshine.  The third memeory is similar to the second, except that in it, Jonas experiences sunburn, and with that comes his first experience of pain.  Thus he is introduced to the words of "warm", "sunlight", "snow", "cold", "sled," and the very beginnings of "pain."

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Prior to Chapter 11 Jonas had never felt a change in atmosphere or body temperature.  He begins to feel physical sensations relative to the memories that the Giver transfers into him.  Jonas all has an awakening of other senses such as touch and neurological response.  He describes the new sensations when the book states "Tiny, cold, feather-like feelings touched his face." Lowry, L.)  He is feeling fallen snow touching his face.  Jonas is also having a type of outer body experience as he floats off the bed and into the sled. Even though his eyes were closed, he could now see and feel.

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